Plans & Pricing

In the prices we show you everything is included in a transparent way.

At the end of the month there are no surprises with variable expenses such as networking or storage costs.

What you see is what you pay.

Syndeno for Kubernetes

Syndeno for Jenkins

Syndeno for Grafana®

Syndeno for Databases

Syndeno for Apache Kafka®

Our hosted & managed service of open source tools allows…

To be free

  • No permanence, no vendor-lockin.
  • It has a bag of 5 hours per month for configurations.
  • You can bring your own infrastructure account or if you prefer we can provide it for you.
  • Compatible with AWS, GCP or Azure among others.

SLA 99.99%

  • Automatic detection of unavailability.
  • Constant monitoring of contracted services.
  • Preconfigured monitoring available on the platform.

Adjusted price

  • Scale your services with a single click.
  • No extra backup costs.
  • No extra API calls.
  • No extra or variable costs.