Eliminate the technical limitations that prevent you from scaling your Startup

Experts specialized in building the scalable infrastructure your startup needs.

Save time and money with our software platform, while reducing risk and complexity.

Connect your data and scale your Startup without limits

Experts specialized in building the scalable systems your startup needs.

Save time and money with our software platform, while reducing risk and complexity.

They trust in us

They trust in us

Because your Startup’s greatest ambition is to scale up.

But we know that this is a complex challenge for your software software systems due to lack of resources, knowledge and professionals.

Just focus on creating the maximum value for your users, we make sure your systems support it all.

Trust your Startup’s systems to Syndeno and…

Scale your Startup

Are your systems holding back your company’s growth?

Are you afraid that your backend won’t support an increase in your users and data?

Have scalable systems that allow you to scale your startup in an unlimited way.

Success will not be a problem for you.

Rely on software experts

Don’t have the in-depth knowledge to build a solid backend?

With Syndeno you will trust your systems to experts in building and managing hyper-scalable software infrastructures.

We have all the knowledge you need.

Saves on technical staff

Having software experts on your own team requires a high investment and difficulty to hire them.

Avoid expanding your technical team. Make their work faster and more efficient.

Save on salaries and forget about headaches.

Syndeno Platform

Focus on providing maximum value to your users, we provide you with the infrastructure, knowledge and tools your backend needs.

Get more for less

Faster, simpler and lower cost.

The best technologies in scalable software.

And all in a managed way!

Syndeno Platform

Decoupling from your infrastructure provider and automates deployment

Syndeno for Grafana®

Real-time metrics

Syndeno for Databases

Managed and optimized databases

Syndeno for Apache Kafka®

Event-driven architectures

Syndeno for Apache Flink®

Machine learning automations

And also…

Saves between $40,000 and $60,000

Poorly built software systems will cause your company to have an expiration date.

It has a ready-made structure from the beginning and saves $40,000-60,000 in re-building everything to solve this problem.

Prepare for the present and future

The volume of company data has grown 569% in just two years.

Are your software systems ready to support this?

Having the best software innovations today helps you be prepared for tomorrow.

Get real-time data

Today’s market requires immediacy.

With Syndeno PaaS you will have real-time data on your business metrics and the status of your software systems.

Make the right decisions at the right time and stay ahead of your competition.

The peace of mind of being in the best hand

Are you aware of the importance of your backend for the growth of your Startup?

With our platform you will have a secure, reliable and efficient environment in which to build a solid infrastructure that allows you to scale without limits.


Success stories


Augmented Reality for concerts


Metaverse for all


Augmented Reality for concerts


Metaverse for all

What our customers say

Onsite - Virtual event organizer

 “The load on our servers was very high and we had a ceiling when it came to having a high number of users on our platform (…) Now, with the Syndeno team’s solution, introducing Apache Kafka, we have noticed how the load and processes have been streamlined. In addition, we now have absolute peace of mind that our platform will hold up despite having a lot of live users. ”

How would you define us?

“Comfortable, agile and efficient”

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